The Murray Method Book

Becoming Healthy Starts with a Transformed Life…

Within The Murray Method are answers and a method to create wholeness beyond trauma, abuse, neglect and addiction.

  • Would you enjoy discovering who you were created to be?
  • Are you exhausted from doing for others and it s never, ever enough?
  • Do you feel lonely and isolated with no clue how to build a relationship?
  • Is your addiction out of control and you re losing all you value most?
  • Do you go from being a victim – to a victimizer?
  • Are you eager to break the legacy of dysfunction in your family?

The Murray Method is an internationally acclaimed approach that provides a universally applicable framework for creating a healthy lifestyle personally and in relationships.

The Murray Method is a practical, effective and easy to understand method that provides a road-map guiding individuals on a life-long healing journey.

Originated by Marilyn Murray, The Murray Method delivers a successful approach used by clinicians and the general public since 1983 reaching over 40 countries worldwide!

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A dramatic story of pain and healing

Prisoner of Another War, considered a classic as one of the first books published regarding the impact of sexual abuse, now is available in a new revised edition featuring an additional Epilogue and a personal update.

The author’s insight into the healing journey will touch and encourage anyone who has known trauma, or who had tried to help others with trauma. Her personal journey became the genesis for a theory and treatment approach now entitled The Murray Method.

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