Frequently Asked Questions

Are small groups part of these seminars?

Yes, we break into small groups from 4-5 pm where each person is given time to process his/her emotions from that day.

Can I miss one day or half-day?

No, these sessions cannot be “made-up.”  If you miss any session – you will need to repeat the class in order to attend the next Level.

Is there a one-day seminar?

Yes, there are three options which are especially helpful to introduce you to the Murray Method and do not have to be taken sequentially.

Is there more than one class?

In the workshops and the training seminars, there are three levels which are taken sequentially as each session builds upon the previous one:

Level I –  4 days; creates awareness and addresses personal issues

Level II –  8 days; provides numerous instruments for change personally and in relationships

Level III – 4 days; emphasis on decisions and growth in healthy relationships, personally and professionally

What should I expect during these sessions?

All Murray Method sessions are didactic and also experiential.  Individuals should be open to participation and growth.

You will gain insights into why you do what you do.

You will receive many practical instruments for healthy living you will be able to apply immediately to your personal and professional life.  These “tools” will help you transform your unhealthy choices into healthy ones.

You will understand your defense mechanisms and realize which should be retained and which should be eliminated.

You will receive easy-to-understand guidelines regarding how to become a Healthy Balanced Person: Emotionally, Spiritually, Intellectually and Physically.

The Murray Method sessions increase knowledge and insights – they are not meant to replace personal therapy.  

Who can attend?

General Public Workshops are open to individuals and couples – minimum age 18.

Profession Training Seminars are open to all psychological and health professionals – minimum age 21.

One-Day Classes are open to the general public and all professionals