Creating Wholeness
Beyond Trauma, Abuse,
Neglect and Addiction

The Internationally Acclaimed Approach to Becoming a Healthy Balanced Person

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Becoming Healthy Starts with a Transformed Life!

Within The Murray Method are answers and a method to create wholeness beyond trauma, abuse, neglect and addiction.

  • Would you enjoy discovering who you were created to be?
  • Are you exhausted from doing for others and it’s never, ever enough?
  • Do you feel lonely and isolated with no clue how to build a relationship?
  • Is your addiction out of control and you’re losing all you value most?
  • Do you go from being a victim – to a victimizer?
  • Are you eager to break the legacy of dysfunction in your family?

What Is The Murray Method?

The MURRAY METHOD is a Guideline for Living.

It provides a clear and concise explanation for the consequences of difficult and painful experiences.

It addresses the manners in which trauma, abuse, and neglect, and the resulting defense mechanisms, create distorted thinking and emotions that can be detrimental to personal and relational health.

This method supplies new therapeutic instruments that are easily understood and applied.

These tools enable the healing process by creating a Healthy Balanced Person – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.

The Murray Method is a practical, effective and easy to understand method that provides a road-map guiding individuals on a life-long healing journey.

The Murray Method Is

An intensive Multilevel Program which offers several platforms

Good theory is:

* Understandable
* Memorable
* Transferable
* And – It Works!

The Murray Method is a theory that:

* Uses easy to understand terminology
* Is personally relatable thus easy to remember
* Is easy to share with a wide range of ages and cultures
* Has proven to work effectively for over thirty-five years

Online Video Access

Murray Method Videos Offered for the FIRST Time!

This Free Video provides the Basics of the Murray Method

An additional 8 videos presenting various instruments from Murray Method Levels I, II and II are also available.

MIKE TYSON: The Knockout

Marilyn Featured

Marilyn Murray was featured in the new 4-hour
ABC Documentary Mike Tyson: The Knockout, now available on Hulu.

Mike and Marilyn

Mike Tyson, World Champion Boxer, Entertainer

Excerpts regarding Mike’s therapeutic work with Marilyn Murray from his autobiography: The Undisputed Truth (2013)

It was obvious to me after a while that Marilyn’s job in life was to help people. Marilyn’s job was to take big strong scary men that society had rejected and make society accept them again and make them excel while they’re being accepted. She was talking the right talk a hundred percent to me. I owe Marilyn a debt that can never be repaid for getting me into the recovery world. Marilyn took me to a place that I could never have been able to go. She believed in me. – Mike Tyson