Safety Circle & The Relationship Playing Field


(25.5 Minute Video)

How do you deal with anger and conflict?
Do you often find yourself being passive-aggressive or aggressive?
Do others in your personal and professional relationships also act and react in this manner?


This circular instrument presents a Relationship Playing Field upon which all relationships interact.  Its center core contains the Safety Circle – a safe zone in which one should attain to reside.  The following circles extended outside the safe area: Neutral Zone, Passive-Aggressive, Aggressive, and Violent.

The Safety Circle is the space in which all communications are best enacted.  However, an individual, and/or the person with whom he or she is connecting, often are standing out in the unhealthy zones because it is a familiar arena to handle any type of discussion or conflict.

Many persons have been raised in families and cultures where Passive-Aggressiveness, Aggressiveness, and Violence are the “Baseline for Normal.”  Role-models on how to do things differently were non-existent.

The Safety Circle contains essential boundary areas protecting the person residing there from others who continue to act and react aggressively or passive-aggressively.

This instrument is especially helpful and effective for couples and families.