Roots; I Am Bad


(40 Minute Video)

Do you often wonder regarding the root causes of unhealthy behaviors?
Do you question why persons react differently to the same root causations?


This is a set of two videos describing the origins of behaviors and the various reactions.

In ROOTS, an explanation is given regarding the definition of Trauma and of Abuse and the difference between them; also, the definition and difference between Deprivation and Neglect.  The resulting emotions are evaluated showing the consequential verdict of “I am defective; something is wrong with me; I am bad.”

The I AM BAD diagram illustrates various responses to this internal, often unconscious, judgement.  Some react in ways obviously destructive with addictions, depression and obvious emotional problems, while others use natural talents, become dependable workers, leaders, professionals and look quite successful. However, the persons who look “good” on the outside do not escape the consequences of their internal negative condemnation.  They often have negative physical health issues and/or swing into arenas of addictions and other destructive behaviors.