The Five Stages of Recovery


(35 Minute Video)

Are you still angry about events you experienced years ago?
Do you struggle with forgiveness?
Do you think your childhood was “perfect” but suffer with emotional and/or physical problems?


You may have heard of the 5 Stages of Grief created by Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross regarding the stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance which are present during times of major loss such as death, divorce, job, home, or robbery.  I found individuals are similarly impacted during their personal therapeutic journey and have expanded Dr. Kubler-Ross’ concept by adapting it to stages of recovery, rather than stages of loss.

This recovery instrument stresses the importance of addressing each of the 5 Stages regarding any person or event that caused significant pain in your life.  An individual may be dealing with different people at different stages for example: a person may be at Stage 1-Denial with their mother, Stage 2-Anger with an ex-spouse, and Stage 5 Acceptance with their father.    We also emphasize the essential issue of Forgiveness for emotional healing in relationships.