Causations & Alternatives For Addictions & Dysfunctional Behaviors


(26 Minute Video)

Do you have a desire to change but still find yourself relapsing and returning to unhealthy behaviors?


This instrument provides a clear diagram of the manner in which persons either descend into addictions and/or other dysfunctional behaviors – or choose to become a healthy sober adult.  It is human nature to take the path of least resistance, but this familiar route can easily lead to unhealthy behaviors.  The conscious decision to become a healthy balanced person requires effort and commitment.

Many persons have attempted to become sober from destructive behaviors but have mainly worked at a cognitive level and eventually relapse.  Or, they may not relapse, but neither are they healthy, and basically become “dry drunks” – not only concerning alcohol, but also in many areas.

In order to become healthy, there is an essential need to also deal with the difficult and painful issues of the past – to lance those old wounds.  In addition, one must be aware of present stressors and be willing to set necessary boundaries and make changes where expedient.  Both past and present issues need to be addressed in order to act appropriately and not be triggered into unhealthy reactions.

To progress into becoming a healthy balanced person: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, it is most helpful and rewarding to have a relationship with a Higher Power on this healing journey.